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The Difference is in the bidding

Our revolutionary bid for settlement approach motivates even hard-to-contact responders to action -- the same way eBay® beckons consumers to buy, and Priceline® drives travelers to fill empty hotel rooms.

To see how it works, imagine you were someone in the unfortunate situation of being past-due to multiple creditors.  Which one of these approaches would you respond to?  

A.     "You are delinquent and have ignored our previous payment requests. If you do not pay in full right now we have no alternative but to resort to litigation.”

B.    “To get this matter behind us, we’re willing to accept a settlement bid for less than the full amount due.  Please go onto our confidential website and make your bid now.”

If you answered B you have it right.  Here are some statistics:

  • A settlement offer can generate 5 to 10 times the response versus a standard collection letter.
  • Once on our Enterprise system, over 70% of responders will settle.
  • The typical settlement averages 14% higher than the minimum amount set by the creditor.
  • The discount granted in a settlement is almost always less than the cost of litigation and related expenses to collect on a judgement.

We have a full range of solutions

We’ve enhanced and expanded our solutions to address problems of every type and size. Here’s a snapshot of the family of products: This is a new simplified, self-service solution enabling any small business or consumer to go online and launch a bid-for-settlement session to resolve a one-time financial dispute of any kind. is currently being offered free on a beta test basis. Pro Currently under development, Pro combines the self-service simplicity of the regular software, with expanded features to serve the needs of a small, to mid-sized business with multiple accounts, and requiring a wider range of payment plans and options. Enterprise – This is our most versatile and highly customizable solution for accounts receivable management, large creditors and 3rd party collectors. Enterprise enables a truly “1-to-1” collections strategy, deploying proprietary algorithms to target the ideal treatment or strategy to each individual.

We have collected hundreds of millions of dollars for large clients around the world, including the banking, retail credit card, health care and third party collection sectors.  

To compare solutions, see chart below or click to learn more about the desired product Pro Enterprise
Strategies Single offer: bid-for-settlement with single payment Choice of offers: creditor can choose from a range of offers and payment plans Infinitely variable: using algorithms to target optimal offers to each individual account
Uploading of Accounts Single claim entry: claimant enters detail onto online form Multi-account upload: creditor uploads data onto site from spreadsheet Automated: using a secure online transfer from creditor's billing system
Online Experience branded website branded website Customized website: tailored to creditor's brand identity
Payment Peer-to-Peer: instant peer-to-peer payment via Square Cash, so claimant does not need a merchant account Creditor Choice: creditor can select from several Pro partner providers Existing processor: payments are processed via creditor's existing payment processor
Drive to Web Messaging Email: Built-in email tool dispatches drive to web and follow-up messages Email: Enhanced messaging tool issues drive to web and status update emails Mail and/or Email: creditor chooses drive to web using their existing messaging infrastructure
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